I am an internationally collected artist, with my art hanging in client’s homes in North America, Europe and Africa.  I am also the internationally published author of the Artist Organized series. And in 2009 Orange County California voted me Best Visual Artist for OC Magazine’s Best of Edition. 


The intention for my work is to help people connect with the beauty in life, and in particular the beauty of themselves, their sexuality and their relationship. The curve of the nape of one’s neck, the small of one’s back, the apogee of one’s stretch when fully satisfied are all beautiful to me. I paint sexy people because who doesn’t need a little passion sprinkled into one’s life?.


Recently at a show a woman stopped in front of my booth with her young daughters, and pointed to my female series. She said to her girls “See - there is nothing to be ashamed of.  The female body is Beautiful.” To me, this is the point of my work - to highlight the beauty of the human body.


I’m inspired by the process in my art, the translation of a feeling or an idea as it evolves through my pieces. Frequently, the process is as important as the end result. This process leads my art to continually grow and change, as I continue to grow and change.  


I want my art to do more than simply add beauty to a space. I want you to smile, pause, to reflect on and be in an utterly focused moment where everything else around you vanishes.


So while I paint what I love and what I find beautiful, I’m striving for more. I hope that by looking at my paintings you will see the beauty in life captured in an instant.


I generally create in my home studio using acrylic paints and either canvas or watercolor paper.  And unlike some artists, I cannot paint on just one piece - so at any given time my studio has many paintings in various stages of creation. At times my studio looks like a Vegas scene with portraits of couples and individuals in various states of undress all being created at once. Some might call it chaos, I just know it works for me.


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